Turin Acro Cup

some updates

Right now, March 4th 2021, we are working to make it happen as scheduled. Italian laws would permit us to schedule it but with a lot of burocracy behind. Laws changes monthly here and is quite impossible to predict how the situation will change in the next months.

We decide to choose the end of May as deadline to make a definitive decision about the competition, if do it or not. So before that deadline please don't pay for anything, no flight, no entry fee, no accomodation, nothing.

We will keep you informed about everything. In the meanwhile we will be pleased to collect your interest in competing in Turin receiving your Entry Form


July 9th to July 11th 2021

Torino, Italia

News of the 2021 edition is the "We bet on you" discount.
If you are going to compete in World's (both Age Group or Senior)

Gold medalist will have a 100% accommodation discount

Silver medalist will have a 50% accommodation discount

Bronze medalist will habe a 30% accommodation discount

2020 edition update

Dear friends,

we are sorry to announce that 2020 edition will be postponed. We really hope to have the chance to manage the 2020 edition before the end of the year; it would means that thing would have turned in very good for all of us.

Keep following us for any updates about.

Looking forward to meet you all soon and we all wish you health and luck.