About us

Who we are

Società Ginnastica Grugliasco - Torino (SGG Torino) was born in 1999 with only 15 athletes on its rows. On 2003 opened its own gym-hall in the heart of Turin, nearby the competition venue.

Our main activity, from the beginning, has ever been Acrobatic Gymnastics.

In a few years the athletes grown from 15 to more than 250, from 3 years old, but of course only a few is competing in acrobatic gymnastics.

At the moment, in 2024, we have 6 athletes working on international level (from 12-18 to Junior) and more than 50 athletes working on national level in acrobatic gymnastics. We were thirteen times in a row the Italian Club Champion in Acrobatic Gymastics (from 2006 to 2018) and we have won more than 100 times the Italian Championship in different disciplines and categories.

We won in 2023 the Junior European Championship in mixed pair Dynamic routine with Edoardo Ferraris and Arianna Lucà that earn the second place in Balance and All-Around finals. 

Below we'd like to share with a promotional video we record to promote the competition itself and the city of Turin and our very first promotional video of the Turin Acro Cup with many of our former athletes. Enjoy!!!

Where our gymhall is LOCATED

Here is the place where we have training everyday, since 2003, when we found our own place.