Turin Acro Cup

save the date, 2023 ed. is set

From July 7th to 9th 2023 in Turin, Palazzo dello Sport "Gianni Asti" (former Pala Ruffini)

Competition Programme

Youth: combined routine using 11-16 compulsory tables – Final score sum of Q and F score

Age Group 1: 11-16 FIG programme – Finals starts from zero

Age Group 2: 12-18 FIG programme – Final score sum of B+D+C

Junior: Junior FIG programme – Final score sum of B+D+C

Senior: Senior FIG programme – Final score sum of B+D+C

Age Limits

Youth: from 8 to 16 – no size penalty

Age Group 1: from 8 to 16 - no size penalty

Age Group 2: from 9 to 18

Junior: from 10 to 19

Senior: from 13 years old

Competition schedule

Friday, July 8th 2022

15:15 Opening Ceremony and Q1 Age Group 1
16:45 Opening Ceremony and Q1 Age Group 2, Junior and Senior

Saturday, July 9th 2022

14:30 Opening Ceremony and Q1 Youth
17:00 Q2 Age Group 1
18:20 Q2 Age Group 2, Junior and Senior

Sunday, July 10th 2022

10:30 Age Group 2, Junior and Senior FINALS
12:45 Age Group 1 FINALS
14:30 Youth FINALS

Nominative entry form

Now it's time for the nominative entry forms (rev.1.1 uploaded now)

If needed you can ask for extra meals at the official competition restaurant (5 min away from the gymhall, just accross the park).

You all be welcome to our party on Saturday evening and if needed, we can manage a transportation to it and back to your hotel (even if you're not booking through the OC).

ready for 2022 edition

Yes, we did it. We have all the permissions for the 2022 edition. We are now working on details and HERE you can find the Official Invitation. We will be ready to host the competition regularly.

Right now covid rules permit to have public during the competition events with FFP2 masks and green pass received only with vaccination or covid heailng pcr test. We cannot confirm it will be going to be the same in July (but it seems it's going to be better and better).

Mainly, the most important information are:

5 categories

  • Youth - 8 to 16 years old (11-16 combined)

  • Age Group 1 - 8 to 17 years old (11-16 FIG rules)

  • Age Group 2 - 9 to 19 years old (12-18 FIG rules)

  • Junior - 10 to 20 years old (Junior FIG rules)

  • Senior - 12+ years (Senior FIG rules)

Arrivals on July 6th, departure on July 11th.

Free training (by schedule) on July 6th, Podium training (by schedule) on July 7th, competition from 8th to 10th.

If possible, Welcome Party on July 8th.

Turin airport transfer, local transportation and meals inlcuded in the accomodation package.

We are waiting for you. Use the Contact Us page to request further information and go the Entry form to find the excel file to download and send.

A short update

First of all we would like to thank you all the people interested in competing in Turin next summer.

We are working hard since last September to try have a 2022 edition of our Turin Acro Cup (July 8th to 10th) but we are needing a lot of permission than in the past from many different authorities. We hope to have the chance to publish the official invitation very soon. Keep looking for updates.

covid is winning this fight but won't win the war

Dear friends, we are sad to announce that 2021 edition will be cancelled. Plus all the restriction for travelling and all the safety request to schedule a competition, we were informed by the city of Turin that the Gymhall where we usually host the Turin Acro Cup will be closed from May to September for renovation.
Plus to everything, if not enough, new government rules says that everyone who would enter the gym will need a negative result to a quick covid test no later tha 48 hours before the competition or training days. It would means to have at least 3 quick covid tests each person who would compete to the tac to have the 2 training days + the 3 competition days covered by the negative outcome.

We will keep the form open to receive all your interest in competing in Turin for next editions hoping that worldwide vaccination campaing will turn things to better soon.

Keep on working, harder and stronger. Stay safe.

some updates

Right now, March 4th 2021, we are working to make it happen as scheduled. Italian laws would permit us to schedule it but with a lot of burocracy behind. Laws changes monthly here and is quite impossible to predict how the situation will change in the next months.

We decide to choose the end of May as deadline to make a definitive decision about the competition, if do it or not. So before that deadline please don't pay for anything, no flight, no entry fee, no accomodation, nothing.

We will keep you informed about everything. In the meanwhile we will be pleased to collect your interest in competing in Turin receiving your Entry Form


July 9th to July 11th 2021

Torino, Italia

News of the 2021 edition is the "We bet on you" discount.
If you are going to compete in World's (both Age Group or Senior)

Gold medalist will have a 100% accommodation discount

Silver medalist will have a 50% accommodation discount

Bronze medalist will habe a 30% accommodation discount

2020 edition update

Dear friends,

we are sorry to announce that 2020 edition will be postponed. We really hope to have the chance to manage the 2020 edition before the end of the year; it would means that thing would have turned in very good for all of us.

Keep following us for any updates about.

Looking forward to meet you all soon and we all wish you health and luck.