Turin Acro Cup 2019 – Live Stream

You can find the latest scores and full results for the current events at http://scores.turinacrocup.com/sggscore/livescore

Choose one of the following mirrors to follow the live direct.

Mirror #1 – Twitch

Guarda il video live di turinacrocup su www.twitch.tv

Mirror #2 – Smashcast

Mirror #3

[bzplayer hls=”″]

Mirror #4

The above players require flash to work properly. If you have issues, you can try one of the following alternatives.

On windows, Linux or Mac OS you can download VLC Media Player.
Click on “Media”, then on “Open network stream…” and finally write in the “Please enter a network URL” field “rtmp://streaming.turinacrocup.com/stream/turinacro”. You can now press play to follow the live stream.

On your Android Smartphone or Tablet you can download RTMP LIVE Stream Player. Once the app has loaded, you can fill the Server field with “rtmp://streaming.turinacrocup.com/stream” and the StreamName field with “turinacro”

On your Iphone/Ipad you can download Live Player – media streaming

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