Oops… we did it again!

You can finally find our 2019 edition Official Invitation.
As in 2018 we are going to use Acro Companion again and, big change, we have moved the party date on Saturday evening… we will keep secret the location for a while more but trust us, it’s going to be really a nice one.

As always we hope you’re going to enjoy our promo video.

Forms will be available on this site from February 1st

Turin Acro Cup 2019

Finalmente possiamo svelarvi le date. Nel 2019 vi aspettiamo tutti al @PalaRuffini dal 12 al 14 Luglio per vivere insieme la settima edizione della Turin Acro Cup

Geplaatst door ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco op Donderdag 20 december 2018