Last news!!!

This is a message for all our Acro Friends competing this year in Turin.

First of all THANK YOU for your trust. We are hard working to try to give you the best experience we can and now please read carefully following these few messages for you

  1. Nominative entry – still missing someone of you (and you’ve paid yet so we are pretty sure you’re going to compete in Turin). Please fill in the nominative entry form asap
  2. Acro Companion – seems not everyone have read the email where we said we are going to use acro companion. Please register with the same email you use during the definitive entry on and submit all your TS
    1. Once registered you have to create new sheet (for Turin Acro Cup and NOT as Demo)
    2. save and submit the sheet (you can add comment if something seems not working with the application)
      1. if you run into a bug the main rule is: write a comment and sumbit anyway the sheet… AC team will try to fix later the bug and the DJ will know anyway what you were going to declare reading the comment
    3. in the Load sheet page you can check
      1. when each sheet was submitted
      2. if your sheet was approved by the DJs (false means not yet)
      3. if your sheet was returned by a DJ – if so load the sheet and open the comment to read the message of the DJ
  3. Tariff sheets – we are going to extend the deadline for coaches who are running into bugs. So, please don’t worry for late submission
  4. Musics – we are not going to extend the deadline, please be on time and pay attention the rules to rename the files
  5. We are going to schedule the training session, please check the Timeline page for any further updates

Last, but not least, as usual we have produced a promotional video you can watch here and on ours Facebook Pages (ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco and Turin Acro Cup). Please share as much as possible