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Nominative Entries Turin Acro Cup 2016

… finally we collect all the Nominative Entry Forms and so we assign all the competition numbers. Please check the names in the list and let us know if any errors as soon as possible.

Download the Last Update of the Nominative List… 260 Athletes of 28 delegations from 10 countries.

Only 20 days to the beginning. As we wrote you yet the biggest news is the new gym hall that is giving us a lot of work more than previous years. We are working very hard for this edition.

Keep on following us, we will update the website and our Facebook Page with a lot of news in the next days.


Nominative List released!

Dear friends,

here you can find the Nominative List of the participants to the 3rd Turin Acro Cup that will be held in a bit more than 2 weeks.

We have reached the impressive numbers of 308 athletes, 126 Pairs/Groups, 26 delegations and 11 countries.

Before everything we would like to thank you all for your trust. We are working really hard to give you the best we can hoping that weather will help us a bit.

In the next days we will give you more and more information about the competition. Keep following us.

Booking penalty REMOVED!!!

We are glad to announce all of you the penalty if you prefer to book your stay during the Turin Acro Cup 2013 by your own will be removed.

If you need anything of course we will help you as much as we can but we are sorry to inform you we cannot split the accomodation package (hotel, full board and local transport) and give you just a part of it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any question and thank you very much for your interest in competing in Italy.