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Isabel Silva offical photographer @turinacrocup2018

As OC we are so proud to announce you that like in the previous editions the official photographer of the competition will be Isabel Silva.

She’s going to pre-sale her photos to everyone who wants at a special price but you could decide to buy her photos directly at the gymhall at the proper desk nearby the public seats or at accreditation office.

Price list (Pre-sale)
Youth – 30 Euro per exercise
Age Group 1 –  35 Euro per exercise
Age Group 2, Junior and Senior –  40 Euro per exercise

If you buy all the Qualification routines and you qualify for Finals, you could buy the Finals routine on site with the Pre-sale prices

Price list (on site)
Youth – 40 Euro per exercise
Age Group 1 –  50 Euro per exercise
Age Group 2, Junior and Senior –  60 Euro per exercise

_if you buy (during the pre-sale) all the photos (Qualification with the option for Finals) of 5 or more partnership from the same club, you receive 15% discount
_If your club has less than 5 partnership, and you buy (during the pre-sale) all the photos (Qualification with the option for Finals) of your club, you receive a 10% discount

On Thursday and Friday, portraits and team photos will be taken after each training group. Those who pre-order all their qualification exercises receive a free digital copy of the portrait. Portraits can also be purchased for 10€.

To pre-order your photos send an email to specifying what you’d like to buy and the number and name of the partnership.

Photos are delivered in digital format via WeTransfer. Deliveries will be done between 13-18th July, if you haven’t received your photos by then, please check your spam folder first, and if that doesn’t solve it, send an email to the photographer.

Last news!!!

This is a message for all our Acro Friends competing this year in Turin.

First of all THANK YOU for your trust. We are hard working to try to give you the best experience we can and now please read carefully following these few messages for you

  1. Nominative entry – still missing someone of you (and you’ve paid yet so we are pretty sure you’re going to compete in Turin). Please fill in the nominative entry form asap
  2. Acro Companion – seems not everyone have read the email where we said we are going to use acro companion. Please register with the same email you use during the definitive entry on and submit all your TS
    1. Once registered you have to create new sheet (for Turin Acro Cup and NOT as Demo)
    2. save and submit the sheet (you can add comment if something seems not working with the application)
      1. if you run into a bug the main rule is: write a comment and sumbit anyway the sheet… AC team will try to fix later the bug and the DJ will know anyway what you were going to declare reading the comment
    3. in the Load sheet page you can check
      1. when each sheet was submitted
      2. if your sheet was approved by the DJs (false means not yet)
      3. if your sheet was returned by a DJ – if so load the sheet and open the comment to read the message of the DJ
  3. Tariff sheets – we are going to extend the deadline for coaches who are running into bugs. So, please don’t worry for late submission
  4. Musics – we are not going to extend the deadline, please be on time and pay attention the rules to rename the files
  5. We are going to schedule the training session, please check the Timeline page for any further updates

Last, but not least, as usual we have produced a promotional video you can watch here and on ours Facebook Pages (ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco and Turin Acro Cup). Please share as much as possible

Nominative List – Updated on June 29th

Hello to everyone,

here you can find the nominative list with all the competition number released so you can start sending tariff sheets and musics.

Nominative List 1_4 (last update June 29th)

Please let us know if any errors in the names — e.g. Hungary seems the system dislikes your characters code, we will fix it :))

We would like to share with you our last video we shot for you. Enjoy it!


Extra Meals

Hello to everyone, first of all I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for the huge success we are haveing with our last video published on Facebook (Turin by Acro feat. Turin Acro Cup 2017) . Just to give you a few numbers we are having quite 50.000 views, 15.000 unique views, 1.200 interaction (with quite 200 sharing).

Anyway this post is to publish the extra meals form for all the people that haven’t booked through the OC.

Extra Meals TAC17

You can fill in the pdf, save and send it to info[at]turinacrocup[dot]com, please before July 3rd so we can inform the restaurant on definitive meals numbers.

Very soon we will publish the training schedule and we will send you one by one your balance sheet to be checked.

Really looking forward to meet you in Turin.