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Covodi19 Situation

Dear Friends,

in the moment I’m writing the Turin Acro Cup will be held in 117 days. At this moment we don’t have received any indication from the Italian Government or Italian Gymnastics Federation about our competition. At this moment, major Italian competition like Trampoline and Rhytmic Gymnastics World Cups were postponed in June.

We really hope we will be able to held it as scheduled but we really want it will be a safe event for the health of everyone so threatened in the last month.

We think that the best option for everyone is to consider it as SUSPENDED. So you can proceed in sending us your provisional and then definitive entry form but please, don’t send us money and don’t book any fligh or train ticket. We will confirm the competition as soon as it will be possible to do it and we will work hardly to catch up the suspension delay.

We would confirme deadlines or schedule new ones for the payments and confirmation of participation later.

We really hope you would understand our caution in proceeding, please just let us know your interest in competing in Italy next July paying attention to the deadlines to fill in the forms.

Provisional Entry – March 27th
Definitive Entry – May 8th (no payment and please don’t book any flight or train ticket)
Nominative Entry – June 19th

With the hope that everthing will turn in a positive solution and wishing health for all of you and your families, we really want to thank you all for your trust.

Yours sincerely,

Marco Palella
OC President

Smashcast stats

We are so proud to share with you these stats of the qualification days from one only of our mirrors.

We would like to say thank you to all of you and of course, invite everyone to follow todays streaming live on our Live Stream page.  

Live streaming

There are big news that concern all the people at home regarding the live streaming.

In the last few months both Youtube and Facebook made their copyrights policy stricter.
Using those platforms will most likely get the livestream banned almost everywhere in the world, with a chance of having our own channel and pages permanently closed.

We have hence chosen to try to do everything on our own. That, of course, requires a lot of knowledge, hardware, software and so much more.

What are we missing? Mainly compatibility.
You can access Youtube and Facebook almost everywhere. From your smartphone, tablet, tv set, personal computer, and so on and so forth.
We are trying to do our best to offer the same services you are used to, but it’s easier said than done.
We are still working out the technicalities, but we will for sure need your patience and collaboration.
We are trying our best to solve arising issues seamlessly on your end. Still, we may need to ask you to download additional, but totally safe, software to have access to the live streaming on your device of choice.

We are not fond of so called “free” streaming services. We would like to provide uninterrupted and ads-free content for the whole duration of the competition, without limits to the number of people simultaneously connected.
Even more so, we are not willing to force families at home to pay to see their beloved gymnasts.

We wanted to be transparent with you all, motivating our choices and reasoning.
We strive to provide the best service we can, but we have to ask for your understanding and patience.

You can reach the live streaming page HERE or clicking in the top bar menu. 

We hope you’re going to enjoy your time with us

Isabel Silva photography

We are so proud to announce that for the 2019 edition we will have Isabel Silva as official photgraphet of the competition. 

You can book your service and found the offers that Isabel has reserved to you just clicking HERE


So we have a lot of news and updates for you

Dear Acro Friends,

finally we had competition numbers rightly assigned. Please let us know if any mistakes in athletes names. 

Participant List TAC19

With this now you can label musics and complete filling tariff sheets. (only a few of you have started) 

Music and tariff sheet deadlines are now both set on Friday July 5th… please be on time. 

You can find also the Competition Schedule

Then, if you’re not booking through the OC and if you would need extra meals at official restaruant “il discorante”, please fill in and send to us the Extra Meals Form before Fridat July 5th

The Welcome Party will be held on Friday July 12th at Cascina Grangetta, built into the Natural Park “La Mandria”, just outside the city of Turin. You can book your ticket through the Extra Meals Form. Bus to Cascina Grangetta and back to the hotel is included for everyone, both for who is booking through the OC and both who not (if hotel is in the city of Turin).

The Welcome party consist on a regular dinner for delegates with table service at first floor and on a buffet dinner for gymnasts at ground floor with open air dance club outside. 

For delegation whose booking throuhg the OC that don’t want to participate to the Welcome party, dinner will be served as usual at Discorante

Last, how to use our website. All the further information will be published on Timeline page (you can find a link in any page on the top menu). Home page or email won’t be used for every update. 
So please check the Timeline page to check if any update. 

Last update

Dear acro friends,

as a few of you wrote us we haven’t published yet competition numbers that you need to label musics and complete the tariff sheet filling before sending. 

First we had some delays in receiving some nominative entry and then, importing your entries in our scoring system we had some prolems in managing the encoding format used to write gymnasts names. 

We are now hard working to give you all the information needed in a couple of days. We would like to apologize with all of you. 

Further updates will published here

We are looking forward to meet you all in Turin. 

Oops… we did it again!

You can finally find our 2019 edition Official Invitation.
As in 2018 we are going to use Acro Companion again and, big change, we have moved the party date on Saturday evening… we will keep secret the location for a while more but trust us, it’s going to be really a nice one.

As always we hope you’re going to enjoy our promo video.

Forms will be available on this site from February 1st

Turin Acro Cup 2019

Finalmente possiamo svelarvi le date. Nel 2019 vi aspettiamo tutti al @PalaRuffini dal 12 al 14 Luglio per vivere insieme la settima edizione della Turin Acro Cup

Geplaatst door ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco op Donderdag 20 december 2018