5th Turin Acro Cup 2017 – UPDATE!!

…and so we are back again in 2017.

Not anymore in PalaTazzoli, we will go back to PalaRuffini (air conditioned included)… it will be an “hot” venue in any case but for different reasons 😉

Here you can find the [ENG] TURIN ACRO CUP 2017 – OFFICIAL INVITATION V1.1

  • Minor changes in the categories naming: no more Junior and Junior+ but Age Group 1 and Junior. Stay the same as before Beginners, Youth and Senior
  • Significant changes in the age groups: Youth reduced to max 16yo, Age Group 1 to max 18yo, Junior to max 19yo and Senior from 13yo
  • Minor changes in the Beginners individuals requirements: three individual elements needed, at least 1 from agilities or 1 from tumbling

Let us know if you have any question or if need any support for your travel even if not booking through the OC, we will be glad to help you and try to give you the best experience possible in Turin.

If Visa needed, please let us know all your needings as soon as possible, the OC with the support of the Italian Gymnastics Federation will be glad to assist you.